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Welcome to my HamSphere Blog. First a little history…

I have been licensed since 1957 when I received my Novice ticket. I was 14 years old and had just finished building my Heathkit receiver and a home brew 6L6 transmitter for 80 meters. Antenna was a homemade windom. Nothing fancy like we have today. I moved on to a Heathkit DX-35 transmitter. Added a Hammarlund HQ-110 receiver and worked the world on 15 meters with a 3 element beam.

I was just getting my license when Russia launched Sputnik. When I heard the news I ran home and tuned around for the signal. Sure enough, I located it and sent off a report. In a few weeks I received a QSL card from Russia! That was exciting and earned me an article in the Providence Journal about it.

This shows a borrowed receiver (the HQ-110 was away for repair). I have changed a bit since then. HI HI.

I joined a local radio club while in High School and started a club at school. There were a number of us at school with our licenses. Some have continued in the hobby and others fallen away.

Since then I have lived in a number of states including, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, and Kentucky. Two of my sons and my daughter and wife earned their licenses and we used to communicate a lot with them on 2 meters FM. But, with the availability of cell phones today, that mode of family communications has drifted off.

More history in the works…  73, Dick